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What we get asked the most

How can I book?

Cityrun actively encourages its customers to utilise our online booking tool. However, at the same time, we also understand that a lot of people prefer to deal with a human being; as such cityrun has a team of very helpful Booking Agents ready to take your calls. Please contact customer service to make a booking.

How do I pay for your service?

Cityrun offers two main payment methods:

  • Pay on Collection Our dispatch riders are equipped with point-of-sale (POS) machines to receive your payment at the point of collection of the item to be delivered. Alternatively they can collect cash.
  • Online Bank Transfer You may transfer money directly from your bank account to our bank account. In making the transfer, please ensure that you quote full name and order number as a reference. Please contact directly for our bank details.

Do you offer same day/ next day delivery?

Yes, we offer same day, next day and a number of other delivery services. For a full list of delivery services we offer, please refer to our Services page for additional information.

How should I pack my consignment?

Our dispatch riders are only able to pick up items that have been suitably wrapped or boxed. This ensures that they are intact when delivered.

Who do I contact about doing business with you?

Just complete our contact us form or request a call back and we will be happy to help. If you have a more urgent request, why don't you try calling our customer service department to talk to someone instantly.

Can you collect late at night?

Depending on the service type selected, we offer designated windows for items to be collected. Please refer to our Services page for additional information.

What do I do about lost or damaged goods?

We treat lost or damaged goods with the highest priority. Following loss or damage to an item, please contact our customer service department within 10 working days from the date of dispatch.

Do I get confirmation of delivery?

Yes, you get a notification of delivery by email and/or SMS.

What happens if the recipient of a delivery is unavailable?

There are a number of reasons a recipient may be unavailable to receive a delivery, we understand! Our dispatch riders are able to make a second attempt at redelivering your package at no extra cost!

Do you deliver during the weekend?

Our dispatch riders are available for delivery and pick-up from Monday to Saturday.

How can I rearrange a delivery of my shipment?

If the driver has already attempted delivery and left a card, please refer to the information on the card to arrange a redelivery. If the driver has not yet attempted delivery or you do not have a card, contact our customer service department.

Are your vehicles branded?

Depending on the service being provided, some of our vehicles are branded. However, our couriers all wear uniforms and carry ID cards.


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